Francophonie month in Armenia 2017-12-08T10:41:22+00:00

Project Description

General objective: To promote the expansion of the French language in Armenia.

Specific objective: To organize francophone events during the Francophonie month.

Target groups: Pupils of Yerevan city and francophone students.

The list of events:

  1. ″Le Coq Français″ French language contest for the schoolchildren of Yerevan public schools studying at 4-12 classes.
  2. Translation contest planned for the students studying at the RA state and private Universities.
  3. Film screening and discussion in French in some of Yerevan francophone schools.
  4. Francophone discussions about different topics at the FADF premises.

For the participation of the first stage of ″Le Coq Français″ contest over 22 schools took part in with the total number of 506 participants. As a result of the first stage 82 schoolchildren were selected who participated in the second stage on April 18, 2017 at Yerevan No 119 School. 15 pupils were the winners (3 winners from different age groups). 13 pupils (4th and 5th place winners) received participation certificates.